Jean Maskell is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer, who is inspired by social and cultural history and nature. Her work is focussed on four main themes – women’s strength and the ongoing struggle for social and political equality; Irish history, myth and legend; maritime heritage, and the natural world.  She explores a specific idea with interpretations using clay, poetry, painting and photography. Capturing brief moments; the strength of the human spirit, memories and hope are key themes in her work.

Every piece is unique and tells a story with the aim of communicating a shared human understanding.

Jean continues to be committed to her body of work “Salute The Shipbuilders” – a tribute to Cammell Laird workers, which formed an exhibition in 2015.

Her latest work on Irish themes, and also Eleanor Rathbone M.P and refugees, has integrated poetry closely with artwork. In 2016 Jean won the Wirral Poetry Prize at Wirral Festival of Firsts and some of her work was read at the closing event for the year of “Remembering Eleanor Rathbone” in the Speaker’s Room at the House of Commons.

This year, Jean will also be exhibiting Letterpress poems that she has produced by hand. These are aligned with her work on ceramic sculptural female figures, and art and photography exploring wood, stone and water.  (wirralart.com)



Rathbone Studio (Painting, Ceramic)

Williamson Art Gallery Open (Ceramic)



Rathbone Studio : Time For Reflection (Painting, ceramic, poetry)

Williamson Art Gallery Open (Ceramic, photography)

Williamson Art Gallery Pop Up (Ceramics)

Gallery Hoylake: Wirral Festival of Firsts (Ceramics and poetry)

Poem included in Creative-Ness 3 Book



Rathbone Studio Personal Exhibition - Salute The Shipbuilders  (Ceramic, painting, photography, poetry)

Rathbone Studio - Journey Exhibition ( Poetry, painting,photography)

Williamson Art Gallery Open (Photography, ceramic)

Gallery Hoylake: Wirral Festival of Firsts (Ceramic, painting, poetry)

Funky Aardvark, Chester (Painting)

Wirral Open Studios (Ceramic, Painting, photography, Poetry)



Rathbone Studio - Behind The Scenes Exhibition 

(Ceramic, painting, photography, poetry)

 Studio - Eleanor: An Inspirational Woman exhibition (Ceramic, painting, photography, poetry)

Williamson Art Gallery Open (Photography)

Ness Botanic Gardens Photography Exhibition (Also Liverpool World Museum and Liverpool University)

Royden Park Summer Exhibition (Painting, poetry)

Wirral Open Studios  (Ceramic, Painting, photography, poetry)

Remembering Eleanor Rathbone event : Liverpool Central Library (Painting, poetry)

Who is My Neighbour? - Liverpool Cathedral (Poetry)

Remembering Eleanor Rathbone event: House of Commons (Poetry)

Wirral Festival of Firsts (Poetry: Won Wirral Prize)



Rathbone Studio - Discover Clay Exhibition (Ceramics)

WilliamsonArt Gallery Open (Painting, photography)

Enniscorthy Open, Wexford, Ireland (Painting)

Wirral Open Studios (Ceramic, painting, photography, poetry)